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Last month saw the launch of .uk, a new choice of domain in addition to (and, and While it releases many more domain names onto the market, they are not all immediately available.

Someone else already owns your favoured or It’s going to be a long wait to find out if you can register your top pick.

Own the and interested in buying the .uk domain? If so, the .uk version is reserved for you until June 2019. If you haven’t registered the .uk by then, though, it will be open to everyone to buy and start using.

A word of advice, reserved registrations must match the original domain, so you first need to check the contact details on your Nominet record.

In the months ahead we will see how popular .uk becomes. Many organisations will register to protect their brand but will they start using .uk day to day?

Like, the new domain is reasonably priced to register for up to 10 years at a time. Give Tish a call on 01502 478000 if you want to discuss or follow this up.

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