Content Management

MHA Larking GowenAll businesses should be able to update their web site with ease. That's why Rade include content management tools in all our beautifully designed web sites.

It goes without saying that a simple, intuitive content management system is a prerequisite for a successful business -  whether the site is managed in-house or by your agency, you want to be able to make changes without expecting a large bill.

Content management with Umbraco

Since Rade started in 1996, we've looked to Microsoft for our core technology. As an open-source - free to use - CMS built on Microsoft's secure .NET framework, with the flexibility for simple and complex websites, Umbraco fits our needs perfectly.

Scalable and reliable, Umbraco includes some great features and is designed to adapt to the growth of your business. 

With no on-going licence fee, Umbraco is a cost-effective CMS solution that is constantly being updated and developed. Used by companies such as Sony, Warner Bros and Heinz, you will be in good company. 

Our clients will back this up…take a look at our case studies to see for yourself...

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It's worth mentioning, one of Umbraco's biggests advantages is it does not rely on third party plugins. If you are looking for an alternative to WordPress and the other website builders, or simply want a top drawer content managed website, please contact Charles Robinson on 01502 478000 or email us with your requirements.

Like a demonstration of Umbraco first?

We'd be delighted to give you a demonstration of Umbraco and all of its features. If you'd like to see it in action email us and we'll make all the arrangements.

For the geeks among you, more information about Umbraco can be found here –