Websites with content management

Linx GlobalAt Rade, we believe all businesses should be able to easily update their corporate web site so include content management tools in all our beautifully designed web sites.

The Concept of Content Management

Content Management allows your web site to continually evolve, providing your audience with fresh and current information, while reducing your reliance on an agency to make changes. It allows any number of contributors to publish changes to your site. This can include new pages, imagery, documents and even video clips. It also allows you to control meta data such as keywords, page titles and descriptions to ensure your site is fully optimised for search engines.

Rade's content management tools offer a flexible, scalable and cost effective content management solution which is tailored to each client and is the product of eleven years experience in developing database-driven web sites.

Our Solution

Enterprise Site Manager (ESM) is a web content management system which enables businesses to take control of the content on their web sites through the use of intuitive web based tools. By deploying a core module using Microsoft's .NET framework and Microsoft SQL Server 2008, we can implement any number of custom branded applications and administration systems to meet your needs.

ESM is flexible enough to meet the most demanding design criteria; allowing your business to show creativity with its web presence. A combination of management tools provide you with the scalability and dynamic performance to meet the ever changing needs of your business.

We recognise that a small business can grow into a big business. Our standard deployment for a single site includes the power and design resilience of an enterprise application, on a system fully hosted and managed by Rade. You are in safe hands. 

Optional modules includes bulk mail integration, Intranets, Extranets and product databases and, as your business grows, an upgrade path to a dedicated hosted version.

For a demonstration of Rade's ESM content managed solutions please contact Charles Robinson or Jake Barton on 01502 478000 or email us with your requirements.

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