Digital Marketing

Digital MarketingWhatever you call it, 'online marketing', 'search engine marketing', 'digital marketing' comes in a huge variety of guises.

  • No two products are ever the same...
  • No two companies are ever the same...

So why would two marketing frameworks ever be the same?

It is vital to:

  • Set your goals - build the strategy and cost into your mix
  • Be targeted - who do you want as prospects; as customers?
  • Make sure you have a story to tell - is it rational or emotional or a bit of both?
  • Think about traffic acquisition - how to get customers interested in you and visiting your site
  • Get social - talk to people and gauge their feedback
  • Seek engagement - get them involved in the brand/product
  • Ask people to sign-up to your emails - build a mailing list, a quick and easy way to disseminate information
  • Convert them quickly - optimise your site to make everything as easy as possible

Then…start the process again...

This may make a great deal of sense to you. Then again, it may all sound like gobbledegook.

Either way, we can help, so if you'd like to get started, get in touch.