Xaar plc
content management system and multi-language website

Project Scope

Xaar approached Rade to help with the development of their new corporate website. The requirement was for a sophisticated, multi-lingual website and an associated separate website for China, primarily to increase conversion rates but also to build positive investor relations and provide a resource for journalists and industry professionals.

The existing website had been developed using Microsoft SharePoint and limitations meant updates were hard to implement. A prerequisite of the new site, therefore, was the ability for Xaar to easily update their site themselves.


During the initial phases of the project, Rade worked collaboratively with Xaar's design agency, providing consultancy and assistance with the site architecture and wire framing. Once initial design concepts had been created, Rade provided additional design input to create smartphone and tablet designs.

The solution developed by Rade uses a customised Umbraco content management system to deliver a range of features and functionality to meet Xaar's marketing needs.

This includes improved delivery of product information, enhanced media handling and greater scope for visitor data capture, through improved user journeys and strong calls to action. A searchable resource library delivers both free to access and gated ‘premium’ content to visitors.


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Operating globally, Xaar plc develops piezoelectric drop-on-demand inkjet technologies and is a leading manufacturer of industrial digital inkjet printheads.


Client Testimonial

I worked with Rade during my time managing a global website redevelopment project. I found everyone I came into contact with at the agency extremely competent, motivated, friendly and full of advice.

I would recommend Rade to anyone managing a digital project whether it be large or small, experienced or non-experienced as their adaptive working style ensures that you receive all the support you need.

We launched at the end of September with great internal and external feedback. However, Rade’s input did not stop there. We are now in the aftercare period and our account manager communicates with me weekly regarding post launch updates and site adaptions.

To summarise, next time I lead a website redevelopment or other digital project, Rade will be the first agency I reach out to. 

Andy Smith, Digital Marketing Specialist