Ufford Park Woodbridge
Website Rebrand and Design Update

Project Scope

With so much to offer potential visitors, the website needs to tell the Ufford Park story quickly giving a real flavour of the excellent range of facilities in their parkland setting.

Added to this, the site needs to engage the visitor and use clear signposting to generate a healthy conversion-rate across all areas of the site, from weddings to golf days, spa days, conferences, room and restaurant bookings.

The Project

The redevelopment of the website uses a modern, user-friendly responsive design for an online experience as pleasing for mobile users as those with a larger screen. Clear navigation and strong calls to action encourage people to explore the site and make it simple to place a booking.

Ufford Park regularly update the site so we've adopted a more modular approach using components, site wide pods and modules. This allows for chamges to be made quickly and efficiently but also layout flexibility when creating new pages.

This is made possible by using the Umbraco CMS which we deployed with custom features to fit the client's specific requirements.

Designed with the user in mind…

Striking imagery brings the new site to life; enticing the visitor to spend more time exploring all that is on offer. Care was taken to use a relatively muted colour palette, allowing the imagery to stand out.

Icons, supported by text descriptions, guide the visitor through the site acting as clear signposts. Mobile users form the largest audience so pages have been structured within the Bootstrap framework which degrades gracefully through all screensizes down to mobile.

The result is a sophisticated new site which performs as well for Ufford Park as it does for their visitors.

Rade has been working with Ufford Park since 2003 and we have witnessed the exciting growth of this family-owned, customer-focused business. Whilst previous incarnations of their site have given flexibility, technology moves on and this now gives their marketing team a fabulous suite of tools in order to quickly execute regular updates.

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Company Profile

Ufford Park is one of East Anglia’s premier leisure venues with top class facilities, championship 18 hole golf course, spa, leisure and hotel facilities. 

Client Testimonial

"Rade were working closely with our in-house marketing team even before we took the big decision to leave the Best Western Group. In more recent years, we’ve all worked incredibly hard and achieved a huge amount in the SEO and digital marketing arenas. The continued success of our website, and the engagement of our customers, is testament to the work we do together."

Tarnia Robertson, Managing Director