Think Bio Risk Interactive Tablet app and responsive website

Client: AHDB Pork
Kenilworth, Warwickshire

Project: Biosecurity Hazard Perception Tool

Design and develop a biosecurity hazard perception tool for use by farmers and pig industry personnel, both online and offline.

The Brief:

Good biosecurity is an essential element of modern and efficient pig production and the aim of the tool was both to motivate the audience and educate them in the practices they need to adopt to achieve it.

Key to the success of the project was to design and develop a tool that is engaging and easy to use. Although the tool was primarily aimed at producers, it was conceived to appeal to the widest audience possible.

The aim was to use a combination of video content and questions and answers to thoroughly test the users knowledge and to help them fill in the gaps in their knowledge.

The Solution:

There were two main parts to our solution. The first was to design and build the tool, which consisted of a tablet app compatible with Apple iOS and Android devices and a corresponding website.

The second part of the project was to plan and shoot a series of videos, one each for a range of activities on-farm. These videos were shot on a range of production units, allowing coverage of both indoor and outdoor production systems. All filming was planned around normal production practices, but it was vital that at no time was the pig herd put at any biosecurity risk, so for activities that which represent bad biosecurity practice, actors were used and either the scene was staged or edited in such a way as to make the viewer think there was a breach in biosecurity.

The aim for the viewer is to spot the bad biosecurity practices and identify them by clicking a button on screen and to answer the series of multiple choice questions that follow each film.

The user is then given a second viewing of the film overlaid with text pop-ups to identify the good and bad practices. Call us on 01502 478000 to discuss the latest innovation for website design and mobile apps.

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