Pensions Policy Institute

Client: Pensions Policy Institute
Drury Lane, London

Project: Upgrade website to the latest version of our ESM CMS

Added features included easier management, accurate visitor activity reporting, a secure extranet and improved communication.

The Brief

The objectives of this project were to replace the content management system, improving functionality and making the site easier to update, and to help address a problem with statistical reporting of document views by website visitors.

The Solution

The foundation of the new PPI website is Rade’s ESM content management software. ESM’s ‘in-context editing’ means with a simple right-click you can add and change text, images and links on the web page. The system also gives you the flexibility to easily add and manage new pages and sections.  

The core search functionality allows users to easily find the high quality documents published by the PPI.

Google Analytics logs all page visits and public downloads. A new secure area gives access to premium content. ESM’s extranet module allows you to restrict parts of your site to registered users, with an admin system storing user data and reporting tools to download information to excel.

Any page within the website can be set to be secure, with access permissions selected from a list.

To improve communication, SEO friendly URLs are used for every page, every publication. There is also support for social networking, with PPI’s Twitter feed now displayed on the homepage.

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The PPI is an educational charity which provides non-political, independent comment and analysis on pension policy in the UK. Findings of their research are used extensively by government decision-makers and advisers.

Client Testimonial

“…definitely less time consuming.”

Maritha Lightbourne, Finance and Office Manager