Harlow Agricultural Merchants Corporate Website Design and Development

The Brief

Rade was selected by HAM to design and build a replacement for their corporate website. The Client wanted to take on the management of the website in-house as regular changes were envisaged.

The brief was for a simple, clean design with bold imagery to help reinvigorate the brand and give a fresh look and feel to the business, without losing sight of the company’s strong connection in agriculture. 


As budget was at a premium, the Client selected Rade’s PROGRESS web package. RadePROGRESS offers the perfect mix of functional capability with clean modern design and the ability for the Client to take full control of their website. Based on Umbraco with a design framework, set-up is very straightforward. This means that for Clients with a more modest budget, effort can be directed towards design and configuration rather than custom development.

The RadePROGRESS package offers most of the functionality required by HAM and therefore, with limited development and some basic training, the Client was able to enter their own content and take ownership of the site much earlier than might have been the case with a full custom development.

The result is a site with strong imagery that fully meets the brief and, which ensures that as changes are required, they can managed in-house by the HAM marketing team.

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Harlow Agricultural Merchants (HAM) was founded in 1980 and is one of the leading independent arable merchants in East Anglia. The company provides advice and service in four key areas of Agro-chemicals, Fertiliser, Grain and Seed. 

Client Testimonial

I found working with Rade a very professional company to work with, We had regular phone calls and updates on the latest developments site as it was being built. There was excellent training on how to use the online editing software which was very easy straightforward to use.

There was a very quick and smooth transition period of the new site going live. I would have to say I found all the Rade team to be extremely friendly and proactive with any question or queries that I had.

Ben Freeston, Agrochemical and Seeds