AHDB PORK Tablet app and responsive website

Client: AHDB Pork
Kenilworth, Warwickshire

Project: Tablet & Smartphone App and Content Management System

Following a tender selection process, AHDB Pork commissioned Rade Digital to design and develop a tablet app to support their ‘Breed +3’ initiative, which aims to help each herd wean an extra three pigs per sow per year.

AHDB needed a means to deliver the video tutorials to herdsman and farm managers on-farm; including in situations where no Internet connection was available. The team also needed to be able to add new video clips themselves, to allow the training resource to grow.

The challenge was to develop an app compatible with Android and iOS tablets and smartphones, that could be easily updated by the team and which could support in excess of 70 video clips, whilst not compromising on video quality.

The solution

Rade Digital delivered a combination of a responsive, content managed website and app so the video clips can be viewed on any screen in any situation.

Videos are managed through the website administration system with actual video content hosted on the Vimeo online video streaming platform and embedded on the website. The solution utilises Enterprise Site Manager (ESM), Rade Digital’s own content management system.

The website is used to drive the content for the Practical Pig app; allowing the team to organise and upload new and amended videos to the app without the need to re-publish the entire app. Running specially optimised video content which is saved locally to the device; updates are made when the device is next connected to the Internet.

The solution ensures that whatever the circumstances the videos can be viewed, whether online in the farm office, or out in the field via the app.

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Profile: AHDB Pork is focused on enhancing the competitiveness, efficiency and profitability for English pig levy payers and driving demand for English pork and pig meat products in Britain and globally. AHDB Pork is a division of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board www.ahdb.org.uk

Client Testimonial

“The result is brilliant! This is the first time anybody in AHDB has attempted to do KT direct to customers via an App so we were all on a steep learning curve.But we have cracked it and come up with a new tool which I think will be very well received and widely used.”

Andrew Knowles, AHDB Pork Head of Communications