Business as usual

You cannot ignore the current news headlines with the impact of Coronavirus being felt across the globe. In such challenging times the initial response once the immediate panic has subsided is to try and ‘think outside the box’ and respond to the situation with innovative and quirky ideas that provide and fast response to pressing demands.

There are plenty of brilliant agile businesses doing just this, whether it be vacuum cleaner manufacturers designing ventilators, premium shirt manufacturers turning their sewing machines to making scrubs or 3D printers in every nook and cranny of the UK being diverted to create essential PPE.

That’s all well and good for those companies that can, but what if your business doesn’t have a manufacturing expertise and you are a small team, now working remotely? That is the challenge facing the team at Rade.

Well, the answer is simple and that is to double-down on what you do best and continue to offer excellent customer service, support your customers the very best you can…the very customers that might just be changing their businesses to assisting the national cause. In other words, its business as usual.

The team at Rade is ready and able to offer a full service to our existing and any new customers. Whether it be simple website updates, projects to help you respond to the crisis or something technical from our IT team, we’re here to help and raring to go!