BPEX Tender Win

Following a keenly contested pitch process, RadeDigital have been selected to design and develop a new BPEX website and tablet application to help promote best practice across indoor and outdoor pig production.

Working closely with a specialist video production company (Insight Communications) Rade will provide the infrastructure to support the deployment of approximately 75 short video clips, each tackling a different element of pig production, to provide a training resource.

Using Rade’s ESM system, the site will be fully content managed allowing the video content to grow over time. The app will provide users working out in the field a solution that does not need a fast internet connection to work effectively. Responsive technology will ensure the website works across a range of devices; enabling those who do not own a tablet, or who do not want to download a sizeable app to their smartphone, the ability to view the videos via their home computer.

Launch is scheduled for early summer.