Rade create web system for Adnams Tied Estate

Rade have created a content managed web system for the tied estate of leading regional brewer, Adnams.

Whilst showing the individuality of each of their 80+ welcoming pubs across East Anglia, the sites will be within uniform branding. The pub sites will include menus, beer and wine lists and details of forthcoming events to inform regular customers and new visitors alike.

Adnams brew traditional cask beer, and have been doing so since 1872. They use only the finest ingredients to create fresh quality beer. Proudly independent but, because their beer tastes so good, Adnams is available not only in their own 80+ pubs across East Anglia and in London, but also in over 5,000 pubs nationwide.


For further information on Rade's services please contact Charles Robinson or Colm Parker on 01502 478000 or email info@rade.net.