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Ever since social media has embarked on it's global technological takeover, commercial websites have had to re-double their efforts to compete. Basic static informative layout is a thing of the past and more exciting and visually appealing websites were created with amongst other things, the introduction of sliders.

A slider (or carousel) is a set of large images placed at the top of the front page of the website. These then automatically interchange with one another after a set period of time to the next slide in the sequence. These seem like a great idea; you can incorporate different segments of info into one space and it adds a cool moving feature to your website. However, many observations and reports regarding website traffic and UX suggest that sliders may actually be having a negative effect on your website.

Slowing down the site: Although only one image is shown at a time, the website still has to load all the slides before the page is fully loaded. Remember that these are probably going to be the largest images in your website, all sat on top of each other with coding to make them interchange after a certain amount of time. This is a lot of information for your already busy website to process so naturally it is going to slow the site down, especially when it then has to be modified for mobile use as well.

Often ignored: Reports show that people visiting the website unconsciously ignore the sliders at the top of the homepage. Their brain automatically processes them as ‘adverts’ and tells you to ignore them. This is a concept known as ‘Banner Blindness’ which sounds bizarre, but completely true!

Right/ Wrong Info: When visitors come to a website it’s very rare that they are there to enjoy the view. They come looking for specific information to answer the query they have. Should they come to the page and see the first slider and it’s the information they are looking for, great! However, they can now only read it for ten seconds before it disappears. They’ll then have to click back or try to manually find the page that information is on. Guess what… we’re all lazy so that’s not going to happen! Oddly, this works exactly the same way if it’s the wrong information. The slides will always be there for too long, or not long enough.

Option Overload: IF people stay around long enough to see all the slides, they are greeted by a number of different options and locations of the website they can travel to

  • · Which one do they choose?
  • · What if they’ve forgotten what’s on the second slide?

There’s simply too many options loaded together in a short space of time.

Design Laziness: Ultimately, there will always be pro’s and con’s of any feature you use in your website and everyone will have a different opinion on it. From a designers point-of-view, they’ll always be stuck in the middle of different departments all wanting to get their message out and shout the loudest. The easiest route to appease them all of course is to have a slider where everyone can have a piece of the pie – but latest analysis is showing that this is a kop-out. Decent SEO will rank all their pages for proper keyword terms in any case so that’s one problem solved!

Think about your brand, think about the message, THE ONE SINGLE message that defines your brand and what you’re trying to say and use that, and nothing else.

Do away with your slider and it may ultimately contribute to the success of your website.

Back in 1996, a partnership called Rade Internet was formed. Jump forward 20 years and there’s just as much enthusiasm for building innovative IT solutions to help businesses do more, faster.

Here is just some of the work we have been proud to produce this year…

Our Think BioRisk app for AHDB was launched at the Pig & Poultry Fair. It’s designed to test your ability to identify biosecurity risks and features interactive videos demonstrating both good practice and common mistakes. 

Nick DimblebyWe created an eye-catching new website for Nick Dimbleby that showcases his photography on all screen sizes. Just as important, it’s easy for Nick to update the site with his latest work. We produced Nick’s first website in 2003 but we now display his work in a timeline stretching back to the 1990s.

Working with local design agency Spring, we launched a new web system for Suffolk Chamber, bringing together five local chamber areas under one roof. The website integrates with the Chamber’s back office system to manage bookings and member services through a password protected portal.

Now in its ninth year, we have added further functionality to the AHDB Dairy Breeding+ website. Created to provide an online genetics resource for the dairy industry, updates include with a wizard-style took to find the best matched bulls to a farmer’s herd.

OPICO - Sky AgricultureRade have also built a group of websites for OPICO and their brands of agricultural machinery. The platform allows all the sites to be managed through a single admin area, with functionality such as the dealer finder and download centre shared across the sites.

Telling the Blythburgh story, about the people, the pigs and the butchers, we’ve recently launched a new website. As well as a mobile-friendly facelift, the new site makes it easier for visitors to find stockists and restaurants where Blythburgh Free Range Pork is on the menu.

We’re working with a growing number of companies on their online marketing. We use a broad approach that covers on-site search optimisation and off-site brand awareness activities, creating a package that best suits the client in terms of time and budget.

Meanwhile our IT team have been out and about working in some interesting places and for some great Suffolk events – the Suffolk Show, the Henham Steam Rally and BBC Springwatch at Minsmere. Our wireless broadband network continues to expand and now stretches 20 miles inland from our original coastal range.

We have some exciting new projects lined up for January, including the launch of a 5-website project for a client we have been working with since way back in 1996.

We look forward to working with you in 2017 and wish you a happy and prosperous new year.

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